Yesterday morning in Northwest Florida we were given a taste of autumn.  Everyone I spoke to felt the coolness in the air.  They all seemed really excited at the thought of fall being around the corner.  Many people have that look in their faces that they are ready for summer to come to an end. 

In the garden plants are starting to show signs of that themselves.  Sunflowers by now have fallen into a low bow saying adieu for the season’s show.  As for gardener’s, I’ve already heard many buzzing about what cool season annuals and vegetables they will plant in a month or so.  While I do love pansies, snapdragons, nasturtiums, and tidy little lettuce heads, I am not ready to say good-bye to summer days. 

I doubt I will miss the mosquitos, but I know I will miss the dragonflies.  They bring such a vibrant energy to the garden.  The morning-glory vine with its bell flowers say “good morning” to me as I water the garden.  The crape myrtle trees have finally come to their full bloom in recovery of the drought.  Everywhere I look there is so much life to be seen and taken in.  

Learning to live in the moment can be difficult in life and especially in the garden.  Gardener’s are always saying that next year will be better.  Planning new flower beds or plants they want to give a try next spring that they saw in a catalog.  It is common to always look ahead instead being where you are. 

So before our gardens prepare for their winter slumber be sure to look around you.  In January you might catch yourself saying, “I sure do miss the sunflowers.”