At the end of this month it will be two years since we moved into our lovely home.  I am so excited because the time has come that I can begin to work on the future dream cottage garden in the front yard.  Only a couple of months after moving in I already had plans drawn for this garden.  The front yard is a fresh canvas with large crape myrtles trees and ancient azaleas planted in the wrong place.  It has plenty of sun and space making it perfect for a cottage garden.  Here is what the front yard looked like when we moved in: 

The azaleas were way too big for the space and were receiving too much sun.  They were covered in lace bugs.  A short time later I cut them to the ground, but did not remove them.  However, yesterday my husband started yanking them out of the ground to make way for the first flower bed. 

Most likely this fall I will begin to plant some of the larger shrubs such as Rose of Sharon and several antique roses.  Then in the spring I will add perennials and annuals.  Hopefully this winter we will be able to start preparing the other flower beds I have planned.  I have edited this same picture to show you the lay out of the pathways we plan to create.  It’s not the best quality, but you should get the idea. 

I plan to have pathways made of cement from our trusty Quikrete “pathmaker”, a gift from a very special gardening friend.  On the left side is a row of baby rosemary that will eventually be a hedge.  On the right side is my hydrangea border.  Against the house and inside the trees near the street will be flower beds.  Eventually we will construct a ranch style fence to sit near the street.  On the inside will be an island flower bed with a smaller pathway going through the center of it.  When planning the garden I had practical reasoning behind it.  The outer pathway will be 4 feet wide, so a wheelbarrow will be able to get through.  The diagonal pathway is 2 feet wide. 

This obviously is a huge undertaking and even I have felt intimidated by it, but I’m going for it.  In the beginning it will be a lot of work, but over time it will need less care.  My inspiration for a garden like this comes mostly from Gertrude Jekyll who planted drifts of color.   

I simply can’t wait to walk through this garden every morning with my tea and have friends come over to enjoy it too.  Garden walks will be mandatory if you are a visitor.  As we get futher along on the construction I will share updates with you.  I hope this inspires you to just go for it in your garden as well.