I owe all of you an apology.  I never did share my France journey with you.  I had very good intentions, but due to things out of my control I could not find the time to write about my travels.  I still hope to at some point.  For now I am making a real effort to blog more.

It is that sweet time in Florida when the seasons are changing and everyone is uplifted by it.  I am enjoying the excellent weather also, but as a lifelong gulf coast resident, I can’t help but wonder if this is temporary.  After all, we are only in September.  Although, I am not going worry about it and just enjoy.  For instance the low temps have allowed windows to be open in our home. The past two mornings I have awoken to the joyful noise of birds chirping.  Even this non-morning person cannot resist a smile.

Besides the temperature I have noticed other changes as well.  I feel as if the light is more golden.  I can already see leaves beginning to change and become more bare (thanks to Hurricane Isaac).  Something odd I’ve noticed in my neighborhood is a dwarf Japanese Magnolia (or Tulip Magnolia if you like) that is blooming.  What in the world?  As Coach and I strolled past I asked, “Aren’t you like 5 months early?”  Even though things seems to be getting back on track, I think our plants are still confused.

The squirrels don’t seem to be thrown at all by the irregular weather patterns.  On schedule they are in the trees in search of acorns.  I can hear them on the tin roof of the tree house in the back yard. I can see them scattered all over the streets , which causes Coach to inspect each one on our walks.  Last weekend Vito and I had a picnic in the park and of course the squirrels stopped by.  I tried to give one food, but they didn’t take it.  Coincidentally, the same one climbed a branch right above me and dropped a single acorn at my side.  I looked up and asked, “Sharing your lunch too?  How sweet!”

The change in weather has also reminded me of the major changes we will be making to the front yard this fall/winter.  Some time ago a client was kind enough to give me some picket fencing she was not using.

 Pretty soon they will be the front perimeter to the cottage garden.  So excited!!  Here is the area I am referring to.

The fence will go behind the trees (nearer to the house) that are lining the street.  From there a long flower bed will be created.  Then after that is finished we will begin working on what I call the “island bed.”

It will be quite the undertaking indeed (as I am sure all of you have thought by now).  I hope this is the last summer I have the vast weedy front yard.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some lovely pictures of what is blooming in my garden currently.

Blue Daze…
Coral Porterweed….(my hummingbirds favorite)African Butterfly Bush…Rose of Sharon (double pink)….Veronica ‘Tickle Me Pink’….Purple Porterweed (my hummingbirds second favorite)…Mrs. B.R. Cant (my favorite antique rose)….

See you all very soon!!!