It has been some time since I worked in my greenhouse.  Between meeting with clients and preparing for garden classes, not much daylight has been left.  However, today a break was needed from work, and the clouds in the sky due to the rain said to arrive this evening made it perfect to be in the greenhouse.  A sunny day is awful in the greenhouse.  The best is if you can be in the greenhouse while it is softly raining outside, peace will find you.

Up until recently my greenhouse was filled with plants for my business to sell, but after finding it difficult to do the garden counseling and grow plants, this was my first opportunity to grow things for myself.  I found that even though I was in my greenhouse, it still felt like an office where everything had to be done in a swift manner.  Go, go, go…

Finally I have been able to enjoy my greenhouse in the way I had always envisioned.  Years ago while watching the scene in the movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” when Stella is potting up Bromeliads in her greenhouse, I swooned wishing I could step out my back door to a greenhouse like that.  Thirteen years later I got my wish.  I had a design in mind and my husband made it come to life.

kdk_2954 kdk_2994 kdk_3125 DSC02429   Stepping out the back door with my garden puppy “Coach” close behind, we made our way into the greenhouse.  Unlike last spring when I had over 800 plants inside and on the tables outside, this year there are much fewer plants in the greenhouse.  Things like African Blue Basil, Heriloom baby tomato and eggplant plants, pepper plants leftover from last year, one large coffee plant, and a few other things that are waiting to be placed in this year’s garden.  Plenty of room left for me to grow whatever my heart desires.

One of my client’s gave me a large piece of a plumeria stem.  She told me to cut it and stick it in some dirt.


Every year I say I’m going to start seeds for my garden, but it rarely ever happens.  Today I got those suckers planted while it is still spring.  To grow on my entry way arbor in the front and on the fence in the back, I planted Morning Glories.  Two varieties:

DSC06125 DSC06126To make the butterflies happy this summer I planted Mexican Sunflower to tuck in the corner next to the Bolivian Sunflower.

DSC06127The last seeds I planted were not for this year’s garden, but next year.  Hollyhocks are biennial and do not bloom until their second year.  Hopefully the ones I planted last year will bloom in the front garden soon.  I know these sometimes get rust, but I love them so much that I try them anyway.  The best variety to use is this heirloom ‘Indian Spring.’

DSC06128 DSC06148

Because I have very little in the greenhouse these days, I don’t feel the need to walk inside all the time.  Although, now I will be taking a peek regularly looking for little sprouts to pop up.


A few other garden tasks that needed attending to that had been put off for some time was placing plants in the garden that had been in their pots long enough.  In what I like to call the “wild garden”  because everything in it is tall and grows into each other, had some “holes” in the front.  Everything I put here does not seem to like it.  However, someone once said to me, “If it dies, just plant something else.”  Some people feel if that plant didn’t make it there, nothing will.  Not true.

What is nice about having sold plants at one time, I have quite a few left over, which means I can “shop” from my own greenhouse!  Talk about guilt free.  To keep in with the “wildness” theme I chose plants that are very loose in form.  I selected Brazilian Bachelor’s Button, Agastache ‘Rose Mint’, and Mexican Sage.

DSC06137 DSC06139 DSC06146

For the very front that required something shorter I planted leftover Shasta Daisies ‘Snow Lady’.  Last year I sold all but two of the 72 I started with.


The last little plant I used in this bed was one I have never seen before that I bought from the Emerald Coast Flower & Garden Festival last weekend in Milton.  It’s a variegated Veronica called ‘Charlotte’ and it will have white flowers.  I’ve only grown the purple and pink varieties.  I’m eager to see how this one performs in my garden.


As I completed one task after another the anxiety I had been feeling seemed to float away.  Even though our weather seemed gloomy, there was sun shining within me…and Coach too.