gulf state park

I am Darlene Bonelli. I take pleasure in gardening, yoga, reading, writing, music, nature, cooking (eating!), dining al fresco, bike riding, walking, kayaking, swimming in the gulf of Mexico, star gazing, playing piano, chanting and meditating. My loves in this life are my husband, dogs, kitties, family, and friends. My profession is as a horticulturalist aka “professional gardener”. I specialize in sales, production, design, and teaching. My career thus far includes retail plant nurseries, horticultural therapy with developmentally disabled, self employment – consulting/design/growing, national mail order nursery, professor, and research assistant at a university. I currently manage/design gardens for an eco-tourism facility and help in the kitchen in my family’s Italian restaurant.

I believe the best thing in life is connecting with the self, nature, and other people. Through this blog I aspire to connect with other human beings and convey things I believe to be my truth at that moment in time. I have been compelled to write my thoughts down since the age of five. Memoirs of those willing to share their thoughts, feelings, and desires are what I love to read most. It has inspired me to find my own voice and a whole new appreciation for the seemingly simple yet in fact meaningful things in life. Namaste.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hello Darlene,
    I happened to stumble upon your blog, and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. For me, my garden is a chance to think and reflect — and recently I decided to enter the blogging world. Please, feel free to visit.

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